Sophomore Summer Reading List

Dear Incoming Sophomores:

Listed below are the titles for your required summer reading assignment.    Upon your return to school in September, your teacher will require you to complete an assignment based on your reading and to write an evidence-based argumentative essay, which will count for part of your first marking period grade.  The texts may be borrowed from the public library, purchased at your local bookstore, or on the Internet.  The editorial essay and speeches are available as pdf files with a link posted on our Library web page. You must read all three texts for the class you will enter in September. 

Instructions for completing a DEJ as you read, are listed on the flip side of this list.  Teachers will work with you in September to use your textual evidence and write a highly effective essay.  

Extra credit will be given to those students who show evidence of reading more than the required three booksChallenge yourself!


All Sophomores will take the PSAT exam in October—the best way to prepare is to READ!

Choose 2 of the following Fictional texts:

Tatiana de Rosnay                           Sarah’s Key

Jerome Lawrence                            Inherit the Wind

Alan Moore                                     V is for Vendetta (graphic novel)

Ayn Rand                                       Anthem

Jules Verne                                  The Mysterious Island

Kurt Vonnegut                             Slaughter House Five


Choose 1 of the following Non-fiction texts:

 FDR Speech: State of the Union 1944


FDR Speech: Day After Pearl Harbor


“An American Flag Stands for Tolerance”  an editorial by Ronald J. Allen

We look forward to seeing you in September.  Have a wonderful summer.





                                                                                                Virginia Izzo

                                                                                                   Assistant Principal

                                                                                                English Department


“Books can be dangerous.  The best ones should be labeled,  "This could change your life.""  ~Helen Exley