Senior Summer Reading List

Dear Incoming Senior:

Listed below are the titles for your required summer reading assignment.    Upon your return to school in September, your teacher will require you to complete an assignment based on your reading and to write both an argumentative essay and a college essay, which will count for part of your first marking period grade.  All books may be borrowed from the public library, purchased at your local bookstore, or on the Internet. You must read all three books for the class you will enter in September.  Extra credit will be given to those students who show evidence of reading more than the required three books. Challenge yourself!


English Grade 12—E7

Choose any 2 of these Fictional Texts


             Blum                                                           Those Who Save Us

             Eggers                                                         What is the What

                                     Hemingway                                                 The Old Man and the Sea

                                     Mathur                                                        The Code Breaker

                                     Shelley                                                        Frankenstein

                                      Zusak                                                            The Book Thief


                                                            Choose any 1 of these Non-Fiction Texts

                                     Albom                                                  Tuesdays with Morrie

                                    Bissinger                                               Friday Night Lights

                                    Malcolm X                                            The Autobiography of Malcolm X


In addition to your reading, as a graduating Senior, you will be required to write a college essay.  The college application essay is a chance to explain yourself, to open your personality, charm, talents, vision, and spirit to the admission committee.  It's a chance to show you can think about things and that you can write clearly about your thoughts. All seniors are required to write a college essay—it will be your first essay assignment when you return to school in September.  To prepare to write a college essay, use the exact same three-step process you'd use to write an essay for class: first pre-write, then draft, and finally, edit. Using this process and reading over the summer will help you identify a focus for your essay, and gather the details you'll need to support it.  Your essay will be due the second week of school and will count toward your first marking period grade.  We look forward to seeing you in September.   Have a wonderful summer.





                                                                                                Virginia Izzo

                                                                                                Assistant Principal


                                                                                                English Department