Freshman Summer Reading List

Dear Incoming Freshman:


Listed below are the titles for your required summer reading.    Upon your return to school in September, your teacher will require you to complete an assignment based on your reading and to write an argumentative essay supported with textual evidence, which will count for part of your first marking period grade.    All books may be borrowed from the public library, purchased at your local bookstore, or on the Internet.   You must choose and read two texts, for the class you will enter in the Fall, as well as the Commencement Speech by Steve Jobs that can be found as a pdf file with a link posted on our Library webpage.   Instructions for completing a DEJ as you read, are listed on the flip side of this list. Teachers will work with you in September to use your textual evidence and write a highly effective essay.  We encourage you to read independently. Extra credit will be given to those students who show evidence of reading more than the required three texts.  Challenge yourself!


                                                      Grade 9-E1

                                                   Choose 1 Work of Fiction


The Lovely Bones                                                                            Sebold

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian                         Alexie

My Sister’s Keeper                                                                          Picoult

And Then There Were None                                                           Christie

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close                                            Safran Foer

Flowers for Algernon                                                                     Keyes

Choose 1 Work of Non-Fiction

The Pact:  Three Men Make a Promise and Fulfill a Dream           Davis, Jenkins and Hunt

I Am Malala                                                                                      Yousafzai

Persepolis  The Story of a Childhood                                               Satrapi


                                                  Required Speech:

Commencement Speech  by Steve Jobs at Stanford University


We look forward to seeing you in September.  Have a wonderful summer.





                                                                                                            Virginia Izzo

                                                                                                            Assistant Principal

                                                                                                            English Department